The Laboratory for Child Brain Development is part of the University of Pittsburgh/UPMC Department of Psychiatry. We are interested in the development of the child brain from birth to adolescence. Most of our studies focus on neural mechanisms for emotional and cognitive development in young children using multi-modal neuroimaging techniques. Our studies include both typically-developing children and children presenting with various forms of psychopathology (e.g. Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety), recruited through UPMC child clinics. Our current research focuses on neural mechanisms for the development of irritability in 3-10 year old children.

Laboratory Inclusivity Statement: The Laboratory for Child Brain Development is an inclusive environment that does not discriminate based on immigration status, race or ethnicity, sexuality or gender identity, religious faith, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, or disability status.  All families are welcome here. 


We are located at:

The Loeffler Building Room 126

121 Meyran Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

CALL 412-383-5280 or TEXT 412-463-1253