The Emotional Growth Study


The Emogrow Study is currently not recruiting as we are following our participating families as the children grow!


The goal of this project is to launch an innovative, multi-modal neuroimaging program that will investigate the longitudinal trajectory of the neurodevelopment of irritability across the preschool period. Irritability exists on a dimension in every member of the population, however, it is also a significant mental health concern that is present in nearly every form of psychopathology and spans the internalizing/externalizing gap. Differentiating clinically salient irritability from developmentally-normative temperamental variation has proven to be a difficult task. This is made even more challenging during the preschool period, when irritability has hit its normative peak and measuring neurodevelopment is impeded by methodological constraints. This state-of-the-art program of research will 1) identify specific biomarkers underlying preschool vulnerability for psychopathology by examining neural maturation in executive function as a predictor for clinical outcome and 2) examine how the parenting environment moderates this vulnerability, with the overarching objective of identifying aberrant from normative irritable trajectories as the foundation for future brain-based behavioral intervention.