The ChEC Study

We Are Recruiting Now:

* Healthy kids ages 4-7 who like computer games

* 1 visit including one fMRI scan

* Child receives a small prize and will be paid!

* Reimbursement for Travel!

* Flexible hours!

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The goal of the Child Emotional Connectivity Study (ChEC) is to map how children process emotional information. Over the past few decades we've learned a lot about how emotional stimuli is processed (such as emotional faces), but few studies include ecologically valid emotional probes (like people interacting across a variety of contexts). In this study children watch a video while we measure their whole brain activity and play games related to social aspects of emotional experience. This study aims to identify the brain network dynamics associated with socio-emotional processing across childhood. A secondary aim is to examine how early life experiences mold how children process emotion with the ultimate goal of identifying mechanisms of adaptive and maladaptive emotion processing. This work is important to help us understand how some children develop emotional problems in the face of adversity while other children remain resilient.