Kid’s Corner


When you come to the LCBD we want you to have a fun and positive experience for both you and your child! Relax, have a cup of coffee or tea. We have snacks for both you and your child. You are welcome to bring your other children too because we have plenty of fun things to do to keep them busy! We even have someone to help watch them while you complete questionnaires or just unwind.

We understand that you have had a long day and appreciate you coming in with your child to participate in our studies.

brain frame_new.jpg

We will send you home with a picture of your brain in a frame, a visa gift card and a special prize.

You will also be helping the researchers in our lab better understand how the brain works so we can help other kids!

You will get plenty of practice before you go into the real scanner. The researchers will practice the different games that you will play along with the sounds that you will hear in the real scanner.

We will practice the statue game in the mock scanner because it is very important to stay very still. We want you to be able to take home a clear picture of your brain to show your friends and family.

It is also very important that you wear comfy clothes to the visit such as a sweatshirt and sweat pants. You cannot have any metal on your clothes.

If you want you are welcome to bring a stuffed animal or blanket from home for comfort. Our techs will make sure it is safe to come into the scanner with you.

You can get ready for the scan at home by practicing the statue game. Simply lay on the floor and have your mom or dad time how long you can stay still.

fuzzy-clear brain pix.jpg

Here is a picture of a brain. Can you notice a difference? Which picture looks better?

Watch our frmi video to learn more about Mri!

watch our fnirs video to learn more about nirs!